Kathryn A. Green           


Dallas, Texas • 214.621.8875 • http://www.linkedin.com/in/kathrynagreen 

Digital Content Manager and Content Strategist

Digital Content Manager with master’s degree in technical communication. Experience in technical writing, content strategy, content management and design, and project management. Proven ability to prioritize project goals, creative problem solving, think of outside of the box, and meet deadlines consistently. Demonstrated skill in documentation, social media, technical editing, and copywriting as well as working with diverse team members, including SMEs and internal and external stakeholders. Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Career Achievements

  • Launched a content documentation website for Hilton corporate and hotels.

  • Managed research project to develop boxed set of hip hop music to be released by the Smithsonian Institution. Project plan included researching tracks and artists; identifying release dates for singles and albums; synthesizing Top-100 lists from multiple, well-known DJs; and documenting the results for the program director.

  • Created content for Smithsonian Institution’s online social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Assisted in promotion of new album, titled Classic African American Songsters from Smithsonian Folkways.

  • Worked as part of 3-person team that researched and wrote grant proposal to National Endowment for the Humanities for a Summer Teacher Institute.

  • Worked as election clerk in primary, mid-term, and general elections in Tarrant County, Texas.

Professional Experience

Digital Content Manager. DoctorLogic. 2019 – Present.

  • Write, research, and curate SEO website content for healthcare professionals and businesses.

  • Use Content Management System (CMS) to upload and develop new content.

  • Edit and QA content for sites.

  • Collaborate with project managers, stakeholders, and coworkers on Teamwork, a project management software, to manage content development for new healthcare sites.

Content Strategy Specialist. Hilton. 2018 – 2019.

  • Helped launch documentation website, Context.

  • Managed Context and worked with executive team members to launch site, using Agile methods to facilitate launch.

  • Designed project plan and setup strawman dates for MVP and Post MVP content on Context.

  • Created archive system, style guide, and workflow for Context; create job summaries for team members.

  • Defined roles and responsibilities throughout Product Team, Content Operations, and Content Strategy by creating documents such as RACI and content authorship chart.

  • Coordinated with Context Editor-in-Chiefs, copywriters, content editors, and stakeholders to develop new articles.

  • Worked with UX team to ensure successful launch of website and functionality.

  • Used Content Design methods to enhance Context.

  • Uploaded new Context documentation to internal WordPress site.

  • Created training materials for Context and PowerPoints for onboarding new staff; teach training sessions on WordPress.

  • Maintained documentation for Hilton’s new CMS and One Hero Web website using Excel and Google Sheets.

  • Created communications material for launch of Context.

  • Setup materials and meetings for Vocab Governance Committee.

  • Created content models for new DocTypes in new CMS.

  • Led working sessions for Context’s core team and content developers, and software training sessions for Balsamiq and Draw.io.

Adjunct Instructor. Cedar Valley College. 2018 – 2019.

  • Taught writing courses in face-to-face and hybrid/blended instructional settings to community college students.

  • Created all instructional materials and student assignments; evaluate student performance on assignments.

  • Worked as part of a proposal team to secure grant funding as needed.

Content Coordinator. i5 Web Works. 2019.

  • Managed copywriters to ensure well-written social media copy went out to 15 clients from various industries. 

  • Edited and published copy to clients' social media using Sprout Social.

Content Specialist.                                        i5 Web Works. 2015 – 2018.

  • Developed and implement advertising campaigns for clients’ social media sites.

  • Maintained, edited, scheduled, and published content for clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, and Pinterest.

  • Monitored success of clients’ social media presence.

  • Used Sprout Social and Hootsuite to schedule posts.

  • Created PowerPoint presentations and social media plans for 15+ clients.

  • Maintained SME-level knowledge concerning social media and industry trends.

  • Used SEO link building to help drive traffic to clients' websites.

  • Monitored customer responses and messages on clients’ social media.

  • Created and monitored Facebook advertising, ensuring ads reach selected demographics.

  • Created social media campaigns, including competitions and focus on specific products.

Patron Services Representative.         Dallas Symphony Orchestra. 2016.

  • Placed phone calls to existing and prospective members in a high-volume call center.

  • Trained new hires, provided excellent customer service, and sold memberships.

  • Entered data into Tessitura computer system, and answered calls using PBX phone system.

  • Communicated with patrons and prospects using electronic media, including email and instant messaging.

  • Engaged in up-selling techniques, solicited patron donations, distributed tickets, and provided cashier services.

Social Media and Marketing Assistant (Contract).       Olive Mae Children’s Clothing. 2015.

  • Wrote content, including blogs, for social media and website.

  • Updated Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram platforms.

  • Edited existing web and blog content.

  • Modified and updated back end of eCommerce Shopify website.

  • Created and distributed emails concerning product reviews and cross promotion.

Ticket Services Agent (Part-time Position).     AT&T Performing Arts Center. 2015.

  • Sold subscriptions and single event tickets to patrons.

  • Provided service to patrons on-site prior to events.

Social Media and Marketing Assistant (Contract Position).       BrightLifeGo. 2014.

  • Wrote content, including blogs, for social media and website.

  • Updated Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram platforms.

  • Edited existing web and blog content and updated WordPress sites.

  • Modified and updated the back end of eCommerce websites, and learned SEO strategies and analytics.

Sales and Marketing Intern.                    Smithsonian Institution, Folkways Recordings. 2013 – 2014.

  • Assisted in promoting release of collections of Dave van Ronk: Down in Washington Square and Classic African American Songsters.

  • Assisted in identifying tracks to be released as part of a box set showcasing the history and development of the Hip Hop movement and assigned related research to other interns.

  • Created and maintained social media content for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Assisted in set-up and operation of marketplace for annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival, including product placement, pricing, sales, and customer service.

  • Developed and executed digital media strategy and content using Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

  • Established dialogue between Smithsonian Folkways manager and audience services department at Arena Stage to create a partnership to enhance both programs.

  • Created and executed e-newsletter communications and list-building for targeted online communications.

  • Drove traffic to Smithsonian Folkways website and Facebook pages through timely posts and promotional emails concerning Smithsonian Folkways album releases.

  • Wrote and maintained social media graphic and written content for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Created audio, video, and photo content for Smithsonian Folkways and managed analysis of digital results.

  • Used Google Calendar and other time management tools to coordinate social media posts.

  • Responded in writing to customer and fan questions and comments via social media and email on policies related to Smithsonian Folkways projects.

  • Wrote and published abstracts to assist in maintaining online music catalog.

  • Wrote promotional copy for new album releases from the Smithsonian Folkways collection.

  • Wrote and distributed mass marketing materials for album promotions.

  • Assisted in producing and editing of UNESCO series, including blog posts, abstracts, etc.

  • Created and distributed promotional emails concerning album releases.

  • Used Hootsuite to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts; update playlists via Rdio, Spotify, and Rhapsody.

  • Kept accurate records using Excel, and used Filezilla to access and use MP3 file library.

  • Researched potential strategies for new album collections, such as museums, authors, non-profit groups, etc.

  • Coordinated, researched, and identified tracks for inclusion in new boxed set being prepared for release.

  • Functioned as liaison for interviews with stakeholders and writers for album promotions.

  • Used high-resolution scanner to digitize albums, liner notes, etc.

  • Set up all accounts needed to list open positions, and worked with accountant to ensure prompt payment of invoices related to advertising positions.


M.A. in Technical Communication, University of North Texas. Denton, TX December 2017. 

B.A. in Anthropology, with minor in English.  University of North Texas.  Denton, Texas. 2012.

A.A. in Arts.  Tarrant County College.  Arlington, Texas.  May, 2010.

Technical Skills

 MS Office:  Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook   Adobe Creative Cloud: InDesign   Project Management Software: Asana, Zoho, Teamwork, Confluence, JIRA, and Basecamp

Workflow and Wireframe: Draw.io and Balsamiq Social Media:  Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, WordPress, Pinterest, Twitter, SoundCloud, Sprout Social, Filezilla